Day 1

Dr. Melanie Penner, Developmental Paediatrician
What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?: Towards a Better Understanding of Autism, Co-Occurring Conditions and the Diagnostic Journey for Families

Matthew Dever, Autistic Self-Advocate
Shifting Perspectives in Autism: Gaining an Understanding of Neurodiversity, Identity-First Language and Autism Acceptance

Dr. Abbie Solish, Clinical Psychologist
Autism and Anxiety: Supporting Kids and Youth to Face their Fears and Strategies that Help

Paul Fijal, Awake Labs CPO & Kathleen Gifford, Parent Advocate
Autism and Inclusion: Supporting Participation and Preventing Challenging Behaviours Through the Use of Wearable Technologies

Ian Roth, Speech-Language Pathologist
Autism and Communication, Language and Speech: Gaining a Better Understanding of a Child’s Communication Profile and Strategies that Help

Day 2

Dr. Evdokia Anagnostou, Co-Lead, Autism Research Centre
Holland Bloorview’s Autism Research Centre (ARC): Translating Science into Meaningful Outcomes for Children and Youth on the Autism Spectrum and their Families

Philippa Howell & Adrienne Zarem, Parent Advisors
Parent Perspectives on Autism, the Diagnostic Journey and the Calling to Advocate for Children on the Autism Spectrum and their Families 

Dr. Janice Hansen, Clinical Psychologist
Autism and Learning Differences: Understanding Learning Challenges that Impact School Performance and Strategies that Help

Ishanee Jahagirdar, Occupational Therapist
Autism and Toilet Training: Towards a Better Understanding of Toilet Training Readiness and Strategies that Help 

Erica Laframboise, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst 
Autism and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in 2020: Towards a Better Understanding of Behaviour and the Science of ABA

Day 3

Elsbeth Dodman, Autistic Self-Advocate
Every Social Interaction is Like a Job Interview: An Enlightening and Powerful Narrative of the Autistic Experience 

Dr. Christie Welch, Occupational Therapist
Autism and the Mind-Body Disconnect: The importance of Considering Motor or Movement Differences When Interacting with Autistic Individuals 

Moira Pena, Occupational Therapist
Autism and Sensory Processing Differences: Towards a Better Understanding of a Child’s Sensory Profile and Strategies that Help 

Munira Khilji & Shahklo Sharipova, Parent & Community Advocates
A Guide to Supporting and Empowering Culturally Diverse Families of Children and Youth on the Autism Spectrum and their Communities 

Kate Bernardi & Erin Dowds, Social ABCs Parent Coaches
Learning from the Social ABCs Parent Coaches: Supporting Parents to Become Empowered and Confident in their Parenting of Babies and Toddlers

Day 4

Dr. Azadeh Kushki, Senior Scientist
Translating Data Science to Increase our Understanding of a Child’s Unique Biology and Personalize Environments for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum 

Susan Cosgrove, Parent Advisor
A Parent’s Perspective on Autism Across Childhood and Adolescence and a Roadmap to Access Supports in the Classroom

Dr. Jonathan Leef, Clinical Psychologist
Let’s Get Comfortable: Talking about Sex and Gender Identity in Autism and Strategies that Help

Dr. Elaine Cook, Solution Focused Communication Lead
The Power of Language and Solution Focused Tips to Support Communication with Children and Youth on the Autism Spectrum and their Families

Cathy Petta, Registered Nurse
Autism and Sleep: Towards a Better Understanding of Sleep Differences in Autism and Strategies that Help

Day 5

Dr. Jessica Brian, Co-Lead Autism Research Centre
Supporting Families Through The Social ABCs Parent-Mediated Early Intervention Program for Babies and Toddlers on the Autism Spectrum and/or with Social Communication Delays  

Dr. Mohammad Zubairi, Developmental Paediatrician
Why Culture Matters when Working with Diverse Children on the Autism Spectrum and their Families 

Anjali Mulligan, Speech-Language Pathologist
Laying the Foundations for Social Communication: Strategies that incorporate Applied Behaviour Analysis Principles, Special Interests and Drama!

Dr. Sharon Smile, Developmental Paediatrician; Christie Raffaele, Occupational Therapist and Rebecca Perlin, Speech-Language Pathologist
Autism and Feeding Challenges: New Perspectives on Assessment, Treatment and the Benefits of ‘Telefeeding’

Megan Lynch & Simmy Kassam, Occupational Therapists
The Power of Occupational Therapy in Supporting Development and Strengths in Children on the Autism Spectrum